A place to and for art

It’s not a coincidence that Julián Guerrero chosen Getafe as his place of activity. His vocation, intention and persistent objective was always become in a place for art promotion to every place of the city, region and even, his country.

His place is like hand in glove, in his wide and comfortable art place has been born and raised artistic vocations in every age and condition, from childs who want to develop an innate abilities to those who, in they last years, want to rediscover their pasion or vocation, maybe abandoned in time.

Located in downtown of Getafe, centro de arte Julián Guerrero has every resources needed to develop and learn artistic activities, specifically in painting, with an offer which is always adapted to the necessities of those who learn from him.

Centro de arte Julián Guerrero has wide, luminous and comfortable facilities to acquire a lot of art techniques for develop creativity and grow as an artist.

It is a privilege place where not only people can paint, but enjoy in a artistic environment in every level, with access to formation and diverse information about art.

For this, it has a permanent exposition hall and a wide library dedicated exclusively to art, from the classics to the latest vanguards.

With our knowledge everyone can go into the world of plastic arts, at the pace of each person, which tur the experience in a gradual discover of their creative capacity, which a fundamental goal: “to every one of our students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to control different pictorial techniques.


Painting classes for children become play time through drawing and painting, where they can develop their skills and creativity, always under professional supervision, who do that playful and formative activity in a natural and secure way.

Drawing and painting become a continuous experimental game, where children find shapes and unlimited strokes, adapting to the natural inertia and respond their concerns and experimentation.

Either in paper or canvas, child can take out from inside everything, at the same time that enjoy a comfortable personal space in a collective environment where can personal and cultural growing up.


Adults have the opportunity to develop their personal expressiveness in another level. in this case, the objective with classes is foment reflection and deepen in the search of personal aesthetic, and freedom in actions about concepts, styles, techniques, process and materials.

At the same time, we pursued fundamental visual arts content compression, as well as classic and contemporary art style through history.