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It is not a coincidence that Julian Guerrero built his place of activity in the geodesic center of the peninsula, in the city of Getafe. His vocation, his intention and perseverence objective have always been to become a place for promotion of art to every places of his city, region and even, his country.


In his spacious and comfortable academy it have born and grown artistic vocations of any age and condition, from childrens who want to develop innate skills, to people who, in their last years, want to rediscover or rescue a passion dropped out in another time of their lifes.


Located in the heart of Getafe, the academy provide everything necessary for improve artistic activities, always in the field of painting, with a dynamic offer for everyone who come there.



For achieve these objetives, Julian Guerrero have spacious, illuminated and comfortable installations where everyone can achieve a great variety of techniques which help to develop and grow like an artist. It is a privileged place where not only people can paint, but can enjoy in a artistic space in every levels, with access to a large information and formation about everything related to art.
In that sense, it have a permanent art gallery and large library dedicated exclusively to art, from classical art to avant-garde art.
With our education everyone can get in the artistic world, with the time need and want exclusively for each person, which turn this experience in a gradual discovery of each creative ability, with a essential objetive: “Our students can achieve the skills and knowledges required to control differents artistic tecniques”.



The children’s paint workshop become a perfect place for enjoy time through painting, where childrens can grow in a natural way their skills and creativity, always accompanied by proffesional who turn that time into a formative and funny activity with a natural and “protective” way of education.


Drawing and painting become a constant game of experimentation, where childrens can find endless ways, in the natural inertia of each one and replying to their curiosity and experimentations.


In any paper or canvas the childrens can express everything that they keep inside, while enjoy a place of personal improvement very comfortable in a group which enrich in a personal and cultural way.



Adults have the opportunity of develop their personal expressivity, but in a different level.
In this case, the main objetive of lessons are improve reflection and go in depth with the search of each personal aesthetics, with full liberty of action about concepts, styles, methods and materials.


At same time, it is important to follow the understanding of basic knowledges of visual arts, just as classic and contemporary art styles which have been growing throughout history.




With an innate artistic vocation, Julian Guerrero has reached an unquestionable maturity, when this self-taught and pasional artist turn half century of his life.


At young age he started to have interest in everything related to art, with painting as the hightest model of his curiosity, and he never has have hesitation in share with everyone this passion for approach to reality by using the paint brush.


His work is a faithful model of his academy and vice versa. Julián can be considered an activist of art in a lot of aspects: educational, fond of travelling, cultural…




He consider himself like a street artist, not because he earn his life in there, but his paint brush and easel have been in the streets of Madrid for capture a colorist vision which it is look like the reality of everything that he contemplate.


Although everything, he never dismiss to go to natural spots near to him like his loved Gredos mountain range, or to make portrait of determining celebrities in the world of bulls or sports.



Also, his vision about color and life have been carry him to ways about interior desing and spatial planning. He has dedicate to this facet for a large extent of his time and effort in the last years, always with a very personal vision, applied both to professionals and housing.



His participation in collective and individual exhibitions in a national level and his usual colaboration with artistic movements make him into a cultural reference in Getafe, becoming a great observant and professional of avant-garde arts.


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